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If unknown feel free to submit a close-up photo of the top of a spread wing and tail


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other than sarcocystis


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Of the bird, affected tissue, wing and/or tail

Were you able to save some affected tissue?
If so please store double bagged in the freezer (e.g. in sealable bags) and label with your name, date, species, location and site/type of tissue (e.g. leg or breast). Labels can be written in ball-point pen or pencil on paper and placed between the two bags. Please use sensible health and safety precautions i.e. ensure the bags are clean on the outside and leak-proof, and wash your hands after handling affected tissue

If you have saved tissue may we contact you to arrange getting it to the laboratory?
Unfortunately regulations prevent simply posting the samples

May we email at the end of the season to ask for the total number of birds you shot per species this season?
This is valuable information because it allows us to standardise the monitoring data

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